About Us and Our Real and Unique Direct Trade

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What We Do

We are a family owned and operated business manufacturing, importing, and distributing quality cacao powder, cacao butter, cacao nibs, cacao fruit pulp, chocolate, couvertures, vanilla beans, lucuma, and much more! Our own brands of cacao products are made with the "Arriba" Nacional fine aroma cocoa bean, a very high quality cocoa bean preferred by highly acclaimed international chocolate makers. We also have very specialized beans from various regions and haciendas (farms) from Ecuador and other Latin American countries.  Additionally, our products are minimally processed, making sure the natural health benefits of cacao are maintained until it reaches your hands. Our plant in Ecuador works directly with small farms and coops, ensuring our products are fairly traded and promote sustainability and inclusive businesses with our farmers and their communities.

Starting as Farmers and Keeping True to or Roots

Our family's cacao story started in the 1800's with a Dr. Huerta following Mr. J to the remote and virgin land that is nowadays known as Catarama, Ecuador.

Real and Unique Direct Trade Options

The true meaning of direct trade and bean-to-bar maker is that the chocolate maker purchases the beans directly from a farmer and also is involved in all the parts of the process to the final products.  

However, it is very difficult to build these relationships in foreign countries, having a language and cultural barrier and additionally distinguishing real farmers from exporters and middlemen within the same origin. Buying from anyone that claims transparency yet uses their own exporters and organizations to bring you these cacao beans is not the same as you sourcing directly, but just the same as using a regular trader.  

Social responsbility & Transparent Prices

We, as a small family business, take our responsibilities within society seriously. We feel especially passionate about our impact on the environment and our small farmers, which are our origin and part of our DNA.

When you use our products, you can rest assured that the farmers were paid prices far above the market value, had access to technical and logistics assistance and received our support in their communities with emphasis on education. We take pride in helping small farming communities thrive. 

Our core values are our main drive and we hope you join us to make this world a more equal, healthy, and eco-friendly place, while promoting mutual support and collaboration with our fellow small businesses around the world.