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We are a family owned and operated business manufacturing, importing and distributing quality cacao powder, cacao butter, cacao nibs, cacao fruit pulp, chocolate, couvertures, vanilla beans, lucuma, and much more! Our own brands of cacao products are made with the "Arriba" Nacional fine aroma cocoa bean, a very high quality cocoa bean preferred by highly acclaimed international chocolate makers.

For more information about our social work, transparent prices, and sustainability click here!

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Social Responsibility

We take pride in helping small cacao farming communities thrive. Our core values are our main drive and we hope you join us to make this world a more equal, healthy, and eco-friendly place.

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We promote small and craft businesses all over the world that use sustainable cacao in their products. If you'd like to list your business in our Cocoammunity.org page for FREE, register here.


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    Pairing Cacao and Music: Melodic Relationship

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    Pairing Cacao and Music: Melodic Relationship

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    How to Make Coloured Cocoa Butter

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