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MAQUIPUCUNA Cloud Forest- Specialty Green Coffee Beans

MAQUIPUCUNA Cloud Forest- Specialty Green Coffee Beans

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Maquipucuna is a Natural Reserve of an ancient Cloud Forest in Ecuador. It is run by a family's non-profit foundation who decided to protect the virgin cloud forest in the Choco-Andes Corridor in Ecuador. The foundation plants Arabica coffee and cacao with the local communities to have funds to preserve the cloud forest, which is the habitat of the only South American Bear.
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CocoaSupply is an INGREDIENTS supplier. For that, the appearance of products is not as important as it is to have the most cost-effective shipping options to our customers to make the ingredients the most affordable without sacrificing ethical integrity and quality. Therefore, our products are shipped everywhere without refrigeration regardless of weather conditions.

This, however, can cause FAT BLOOM and some melting together in some cases. BUT THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE USABILITY of these ingredients. For that, we do not refund, exchange, or accept claims based on fat blooming, melting, or the appearance of the products. Otherwise, we would not be able to deliver products during warm weather.

Please note that fat bloom looks like greyish/whitish lines or spots on the chocolate/paste. It also has a sandy/crumbley texture. Once re-melted, it can be tempered again and can be used without any difference.